Carleton Place, originally known as Morphy’s Falls, was chosen as a mill site by Edmond Morphy in 1819. It became a village in 1870 and later a town in 1890.

At first glance, Carleton Place may seem like a town frozen in time, with its majestic buildings and historic architecture. Yet it is home to a strong, bustling community located at the crossroads of Highway 7 and Highway 15.

The mighty Mississippi River flows through the town, and makes for a charming stop as you stroll along the flower and tree-lined Bridge Street.

Carleton Place offers residents the perfect blend of old and new.  Historic homes and shops, coupled with a regal Town Hall, convey memories of the town’s rich history. While new developments and waterfront properties encourage individuals, families and retirees to embrace county living while in the vicinity of modern amenities.

Active families will delight in calling Carleton Place home.  The town boasts Canada’s Oldest Canoe Club, easy access to the Trans Canada Trail, mountain biking and hiking trails, a swimming pool, and countless outdoor events and festivals.

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